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This site was made by, and is currently updated by Sigma camera user Scott Barton Kennelly, a portrait, landscape, nature, and art photographer from Australia, who lives in the U.S.A. Scott is not an employee of Sigma, sponsored by Sigma, or associated with the Sigma companies in any way, except that he uses Sigma cameras, lenses, and software in his photography work sometimes. He is camera brand agnostic, shooting with Canon, Sony, Nikon, and other brands too. This website is meant to be a resource for all Sigma camera users who shoot raw and use Sigma’s free raw developer software, Sigma Photo Pro. In the future there will be a wide array of articles and sample images (including raw files and screen captures from SPP), as well as video tutoals posted in this website.

About Sigma Raw Files

Some Sigma cameras have Foveon sensors, also known as X3 sensors, because of their three-layer technology. These sensors are unique in the world of photography. Therefore, to decipher the raw files made from the X3 sensors, Sigma camera users require special software with special capabilities that most software does not have. That is why Sigma made Sigma Photo Pro (SPP).

About SPP

Sigma Photo Pro is a raw processing program with a few capabilities for adjusting image brightness, contrast, sharpness, color tone, etc. It can rotate images, but not straighten or crop, and it can not be used to “touch-up” an image. SPP is not an advanced image editing tool. For example it does not have “layers” capability. It’s pretty basic in some ways, but it does have the ability to adjust lens vignette and chromatic aberration affects from lenses, and for the last few geenrations SPP can be used to batch process raw files into JPEG files or TIFF files (either 8 bit or 16 bit) in sRGB, Adobe RGB, ColorMatch RGB, or ProPhoto RGB. Recently Sigma has added DNG file capabilities to their cameras, and SPP can read and adjust the DNG files from their fp series of cameras to. You can save images at different sizes and compression levels too.

The latest download files for SPP are a little more than 200 MB in size.

Learn more by watching the videos, reading the articles, and following the links in the links page here, or just by trying the software for yourself.

It is important to know that this site was not created for Sigma, but for users of Sigma cameras, as an educational reference to benefit those who currently use or would like to know more about the Sigma Photo Pro software.

Up-to-date articles to learn how to use SPP to process the raw files (.x3f and .x3i files) from Sigma cameras do not seem to exist. That is why this site is here. Sample images have been included in the Gallery too. Please visit the Articles section to learn about using SPP to process raw files from Sigma cameras, or you can find links to more resources, including tutorial videos, in the Links page.